Full Day Galilee

For Jewish Tourists

One day – Galilee
Full day

Visit the city Beit Shean, where King Saul fought the Philistines, and where, a thousand years later, a modern city was built, so well preserved that you can walk along the Roman streets around the Sea of Galilee, to visit the ancient synagogue at Caepernaum.

Ending with a visit to Safed, the city of mysticism and Kabalah. Visit quaint art galleries and ancient synagogues.

For Pilgrims
One day – Galilee
Full day:

Start the day visiting Nazareth, where Jesus spent his youth and then follow in his footsteps to the Sea of Galilee. At Capernaum see where Peter may have lived, at Tabgha visit the church that commemorates the place where Jesus fed the multitudes and on Mount Beatitudes where he taught them “Blessed are the meek…”

Sail in a wooden boat very similar to those used by the fishermen two thousand years ago, including Jesus’ disciples.

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