Jerusalem Tours

“There are ten measures of beauty in the Universe, nine belong to Jerusalem, and one to the rest of the world. Whoever has not seen Jerusalem in her glory has never seen a beautiful city in this life”

When you visit Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, you will find an amazing city with thousands of years of history.
Below is a glimpse of the best of the sites Jerusalem has to offer.

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• The Gates in the Old City: Damascus Gate, The New Gate, The Jaffa Gate, The Zion Gate, The Dung Gate, The Golden Gate, The Lion´s Gate and Herod’s Gate.
• The Western Wall: one of the walls that surrounded the Second Temple.
• The Jewish Quarter where you can find the Cardo – the ancient Roman/Byzantine market – and the Burnt House which contains relics of one of the priestly families from the Second Temple.
• The Temple Mount where the Dome of the Rock now sits, the place where Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac.
• The El Aqsa Mosque built 709-715 A.D. and the Solomon’s Stables – both on the Temple Mount.
• The Pool of Silwan: just outside the Old City. The place was picked by David to establish his residence and the capital of Israel.
• Markets or Bazaars in the Old City (also called Shuk): An incredible array of spices, sweet meats, fruits and vegetables all give the tourist a real feeling of the Middle East.
• The Via Dolorosa: The way of the cross which commemorates the path which Jesus walked bearing the cross.
• The Church of the Holy Sepulchre: where Jesus was crucified.
• Mount of Olives: home of an ancient Jewish cemetery and where the Church of all Nations and the Garden of Gethsemane lie.
• The Kidron Valley: from where the Jewish tradition says the Messiah will come from the east.
• Mount Zion: where the tomb of King David and the Room of the Last Supper are located.
• Ammunition Hill: the main memorial site commemorating the liberation and reunification of Jerusalem after the Six Day War.
• City Hall: the magnificent complex of the Municipality in Safra Square.
• Machane Yehuda Market or the Shuk as it is called by the Israelis:  the most visited market in Jerusalem, located on Jaffa Road. A unique experience.
• Mea Shearim:a small neighborhood inhabited mostly by ultra-orthodox Jews.
• The Knesset: the Israeli Parliament building where you can see three magnificent tapestries by Marc Chagall as well as the floor and wall mosaics he designed.
• The Israel Museum: located here is the Shrine of the Book which contains the priceless biblical manuscripts found in 1947 in caves at Qumran on the shores of the Dead Sea.
• The Bible Lands Museum: a superb collection of artifacts from ancient times can be found inside.
• The Hebrew University Campus on the Mt. Scopus: the second university in Israel.
• Yad Vashem: the museum and monument to six million European Jews who were murdered by the Nazis during the Second World War.
• The Chagall Windows: can be found on the synagogue of the Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Centre in Ein Karem.
• Model of Jerusalem at the time of the Second Temple: now located in the Israel Museum.
• The Jerusalem Mall: also called Malha Mall, located in the southern part of the city.
• The Biblical Zoo: just minutes from the Jerusalem Mall
• Ein Karem: a little village with minarets, spires and winding paths that make this one of the most picturesque of spots.
We also offer tours to Bethlehem and Rachel’s Tomb.